Fueling For A Mountain Bike Ride

By Adam Galuszka
May 31, 2016

[Placeholder]Fueling For A Mountain Bike Ride

"Fueling For A Mountain Bike Ride" was written by Qloom ambassador, Lee McCormack. Lee is a world renowned mountain bike technique author and instructor based in Boulder, CO. Check out his books, in-person clinics and free articles at www.leelikesbikes.com. See our full selection of snacks for fueling MTB rides HERE.


As a mountain bike skills author and instructor, I get to ride in some very cool places with very cool people. Not only do I get to ride all of the trails the clients ride, but I have to ride them perfectly, and sometimes I have to ride them again even faster -- for the sake of learning, of course.


Meanwhile, I have to maintain high mental focus to keep everyone safe and learning. This all adds up to mega calories delivered throughout a long day. Here's how I fuel for a big day of riding and coaching.


Before: Water and Beets


If you believe the claims about the nitric oxide in beets, a well-timed beet dose can improve your endurance and recovery. When I use beet products, I feel like I can maintain a higher workload for longer, and it seems like I recover more quickly between efforts. That's all good stuff, so why not? While I work through my 20- to 40-minute off-bike warmup, I drink a large bottle of water mixed with beet powder. When the ride (or class) starts, I'm deeply warm, fully hydrated and ready to beet the world.


Before we take off, I make sure my hydration pack is filled with plenty of fluid, enough food to keep me and my clients happy and clothes for any conditions. After plenty of mishaps, I like to pack some light kneeguards; my foldable Qloom Buffalo rain jacket and an extra pair of ultra-light Qloom Sorento gloves. Dry hands are happy hands.


During: Bars, Water and Electrolytes


I love eating. I love riding. Eating while riding? Even better!


Once we start moving, I trickle a steady stream of small bars -- about one every two hours, eaten in small bites. I love the easy-carry of bars, but I want them to feel like real food. Can I see nuts? Are there obvious signs of plant life? Cool. Throw some chocolate on top and I'm even happier.


My hydration pack contains straight, old-school tap water. No distilled water for this guy; gotta get your selenium somewhere. Meanwhile, my water bottle contains new-school electrolyte powder or tabs. Since I'm alternating between the hydration pack and this bottle, and the bottle has to last all day, I usually mix the electrolytes 2x or 3x stronger than stock. One sip is a blast of sodium. Wash it down with water and you stay in balance.


Lunch: Fruit, Meal Bar and A Treat


Ah, the vista. The camaraderie. And the food! The only thing better than lunch … is lunch on a ride.


At mid day we stop for a proper sit-down meal and some talk-about time. I've carried big sandwiches into the field and loved them! But it's hard to resume shredding with a cannonball in your tummy. Here's my current favorite on-trail lunch:


  • Fruit. Dried is easy to carry and can live in your pack for a while.
  • A big, badass meal bar. A Probar Meal Bar is made of real food, it withstands intra-pack punishment and it has almost 400 calories of slow-release shred fuel.
  • For dessert I savor a packet of honey peanut butter. Sugar, fat, salt and some protein. Four great tastes that taste great together.


Turbo boost: Sugar and caffeine!


If my kung fu wanes or we're about to attack a technical descent, I like a little something to perk me up, to sharpen my sword. Caffeinated gels or blocks hit me like a drug — boom! — and I’m ready to finish the day strong. Riding is awesome. Eating is awesome. Riding and eating is even more awesome. Have fun out there!


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