How To: Boost your butt into workout mode

Energize to Mobilize

By Brandon Dyksterhouse
October 24, 2013

[Placeholder]How To: Boost your butt into workout mode | Energize to Mobilize
You've been sitting at your desk all day and you're all like..... blaaaaaaaaaaah I just wanna go home and watch reruns of Everyone Loves Raymond, I don't wanna go work my butt off right now. That's why Vega Sport's Pre-Workout Energizer is a necessity. Basically, this stuff is akin to pumping your tires up, lubing your chain, lacing up your running shoes,  stretching and all your other pre-workout drills. It warms up your body to workout before you get to your workout. The effect: It's like chugging an energy drink to get you stoked on life without the extreme jitters, crash, weird taste and you don't have to chug it. Start drinking this mix about 20 minutes before you workout and you'll feel it's super powers. The ingredients are a "synergistic" blend to boost your workout:
  • Natural caffeine from green tea and yerba mate to wake you up and help you focus on what's ahead.
  • Devil's Claw reduces joint fatigue, getting you loose and limber.
  • Tumeric reduces inflammation pre, during and post workout.
  • Rodiala helps reduce stress on your body, reducing your cortisol hormonal response to the stress exercise puts on your body.
Check out this video and learn more about Pre Workout Energizer from Vega Sport.