Avoiding the Winter Sickness

By Adam Galuszka
February 17, 2014

Winter is rough. If it's not the cold weather, its those dreaded bugs flying around. If everyone around you is catching it, arm yourself with the following tips. But also know, that while us athletes can be stubborn as hell, training when you have symptoms below your neck is a terrible idea. Taking a day off and recovering, will help you be stronger in the long run. You don't want to exacerbate your tiny cold into something major. As a general rule of thumb, if your symptoms are all above your neck: stuffy head, congestion, sore-throat etc., light exercise may help. But if your lungs feel clogged, your body feels achey-sick, you have chills and you have a fever, do not exercise. Here are some tips to help you avoid catching the winter bug: Dont Bonk. Eat Carbs: When you get to that depleted state in your training you are putting so much exertion on your system that your bodies ability to fight colds is in a weakened state. Eat carbs, keep fueling, and keep you body in a state where it can take care of itself. Probiotics and Vitamins:  Probiotics are great for helping support your immune system. When you're out training harder than usual, you are already in a weakened state. Now, stack that on top of winter weather, and cold season and something like Klean Athlete's Probiotics (and their multivitamins) are great ways of giving yourself extra support.  Hydrate: To avoid being sick, hydrate. Dehydration, just like bonking can make you body feel absolutely miserable. If you feel yourself coming on with something, hydrate like hell. This is what Skratch Labs Daily Hydration is made for. Drink drink drink. Bouncing Back: Wait a day before getting back into the swing of things for every three days you were sick. Take it easy the first time. Do a lighter version of your workout and see how your body responds. If you feel any symptoms below the neck, stop. You do not what to tax your lungs. If you get a headache, drink more. And especially drink plenty of fluids after your workout.