Top 5 Foods for Freezing Temperature

By Adam Galuszka
February 8, 2014

If you're stir crazy from cold weather and decide to throw caution to the wind and head out doors for some fresh air and exercise, don't forget, you gotta eat and drink. Here are some foods that maximize your nutrition while minimizing the amount of flesh you need to expose to the elements: COLDFOODS

1. Kates Bars: These bars were specifically designed for the cold. So if you want to avoid snapping a tooth on a frozen bar, but you still want that wholesome, fresh baked bar taste, then you need Kate's. 2. Skratch Labs Hot Apples + Cinnamons served hot: Leave it to the folks at Skratch Labs to make a drink mix that tastes great (if not perfect) when brewed up hot. It's like hot apple cider with the perfect electrolyte/sodium blend only Skratch can deliver. 3. SiS Gels: If you're doing intense workouts that require gels, these are great because they also do not require hydration for digestion. Brilliant. 4. ProBar Bolt: These chews have the perfect consistency to withstand the cold, and they also don't get wedged in your teeth, which is nice when your fingers are clad in layers. 5. Enduro Bites: These bars pack a whopping amount of nutrition into every bite. That means you get more caloric bang for your buck, and that also means every bit gets a max amount of nutrients, which also means that you won't have to expose your skin to the elements as often. 6. (okay we said 5, but this one is a good one) All Provisions Almonds: Nothing beats natural almonds. They don't get harder than they are. They give you a nice dose of protein and fat, to help you feel full, while you workout. QUESTIONS about other products? Just send us an email.