What we think

We love Clif Builders Protein Bars, so of course we love their new take on the protein bar. These bars contain 14 grams of high quality protein that comes from whey protein and organic pea protein to help you build lean muscle. The main difference with this protein bar is that it only contains 5 grams of sugar and no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners, giving you the protein you need without the sugar you don’t.

Flavor Notes: Creamy almond butter, crunchy almonds, and delicious coconut come together to give you a lightly crispy, and delicious protein boost.

 Feed's Fave: Peanut Butter Chocolate

How We Use It

These bars are a great post-workout option if you’re tired of recovery drink mixes and prefer solid food. They have the high quality protein you need to repair and rebuild damaged muscles after a hard training session. We also love to take these with us on hikes and camping trips or even just keep one in the office for when we need some long lasting energy.

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