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Are you using the right protein?

Having a protein you love will make it a treat after every workout to refuel your muscles with the amino acids and protein they need to regenerate stronger and recover faster.  

It used to be hard to try out new proteins when you had to buy 20+ servings for $40 or more for each one.  We make it easy to test out different brands and different flavors.

The CrossFit Protein Pack includes our top 4 selling proteins from Ascent, SFH, Klean Athlete, and Puori.  You can also choose which flavor you want for your pack: Vanilla, Chocolate, or a combo of Vanilla & Chocolate.

Want more than 4 servings? Order multiple packs.

What to try Vanilla and Chocolate?  Order 1 pack of each flavor!

Each pack includes a full serving of the following proteins:

1. Ascent Whey Protein

The Feed Take:  Super clean and pure protein made in their own dairy facilities.  Milk protein comes straight from their dairy farmers to their facilities for processing.  No middlemen involved.

Ascent makes their own protein and has been for 30 years. They buy their milk from trusted dairy farmers and filter the proteins in their own facilities. With zero artificial ingredients, this protein powder makes for an excellent recovery drink. It is made with native whey - the new benchmark in protein purity. Native whey is filtered directly from high-quality milk, which makes it the least processed dairy protein available. Native whey also contains higher levels of naturally occurring leucine, an essential amino acid for stimulating muscle protein synthesis to help you recover quickly.

2. SFH 

The Feed Take: This is a more complete recovery mix that is more than just Protein. We have had great success with all of SFH's products. This is really a post workout protein source.

SFH Recovery re-energizes your cells, and tired muscles by increasing your ATP levels (Adenosine Triphospate), which is the energy powerhouse inside each cell. When ATP are loaded, cells can make new muscles quickly, joints are healthier and there is a reduced negative effect of free radical oxidants.

SFH’s ATP loading formula uses ⅔ whey concentrated derived from grass fed, free range cows and about ⅓ essential amino acids. It also uses a multi-component mixture of vitamins and nutrients included, Co-Q10, ribose, and carnitine which boost energy and increases the body’s mitochondria productivity and helping put energy bag into muscle cells.

3. Puori

The Feed Take:  This is the cleanest protein on the block.  Clean Label Project ranked 133 brands of Protein and Puori Whey was ranked #1 for purity. 

Puori PW1 is a clean, grass-fed whey protein for everyone who wants to maintain, tone, and build their body stronger and leaner. It is the protein you need and nothing extra.

4. Klean Athlete

The Feed Take: Great all around protein with supposedly better absorption than other proteins. What is for sure is that Milk Chocolate flavor tastes great.  Note: We currently only offer it in Milk Chocolate so even the "vanilla pack" will come with Milk Chocolate flavor.

Klean Recovery is a milk chocolate flavored powder with zero artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, is gluten-free and is sourced with all non-GMO ingredients. This 4:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio is designed to be taken post-workout or competition, formulated with a hydrolyzed marine protein that is absorbed more efficiently than other sources of protein. Klean Recovery is also rich in amino acids to reduce inflammation and aid recovery.

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