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When you need to recover from a tough workout, your body needs protein. The Hammer Whey Recovery Bar is loaded with 20 grams of cold-pressed whey protein. Each bar is gluten-free, GMO-free, and comprised of 70% organic ingredients. The additional 8 grams of fiber are derived from chicory roots and other natural sources, and have a prebiotic effect to support good colon health. The fiber also helps slow down digestion so you can send nutrition to your muscles for hours. There is no refined sugar and no trans fat, making this bar delicious, nutritious and guilt free. This bar comes in the classic flavor of peanut butter chocolate, and you won't hear us complain about that combination! Try one after your next workout and feel your muscles growing stronger, and thanking you for the delicious treat.

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Use post-workout to minimize muscle soreness and to replenish your body with the nutrients necessary to rebuild lean muscle. Can also be used as a meal replacement.

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