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If you have ever had the best cookie in the entire world and you haven’t had a KaKookie, you haven’t had the best cookie in the entire world. That’s a fact. These treats are made by a Pillsbury Bake Off finalist, and they’re heartbreakingly delicious. It’s hard to even keep them on our shelves because when we see them we have an irresistible need to eat them. Help.

Honestly, there is something magical packed inside of these treats and it’s not wheat, dairy, or eggs because the cookies have none of that. They’re even vegan! While most Gluten Free products substitute traditional wheat flour with a gluten-free flour that can raise your sugar levels more than wheat products (being bad for insulin levels and diabetics), Kakookies has no flour at all. It’s a cookie with pure nutrient dense ingredients like Almonds, Flax, Chia Seeds, Apricots, Pecans, Cashews (tree nuts) Cranberries and coconut. Basically, they’re an absolutely delicious, perfectly crafted morsel.

Feed's Fave: Cashew Blondie

How We Use It

We think Kakookies are good anytime, anywhere. They’re a perfect grab n go breakfast, mid-ride treat, and something to inspire you to race home and enjoy with coffee. Fat bikers and winter endurance athletes like soft and chewy Kakookies because they are edible and easily digested even when frozen.

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