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What we think

Sunscreen?  Yes....sunscreen.  Because you only have one body!  Take care of it.  You feed it the best in sports nutrition, so why wouldn't you take care of your skin?  

KINeSYS developed advanced formulas to offer you the very best UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum protection with a sophisticated oil-free texture.  You know that slimy feeling you get when you apply most sunscreens?  Well guess what!  Not with this one.  It's gentle on the skin and antioxidant enriched with Vitamin E, KINeSYS Sunscreens won’t block your pores and allow your skin to breathe, while being sweat and water resistant.  That's right - you can count on it working even when performing at your peak while on your run, hike, or ride!


Feed's Fave: Fragrance Free SPF 30 and the Sun Protection Stick is awesome for the lips!

How We Use It

We like to apply this just before we take off for our training sessions.  The small 1 oz bottles are ideal to stash in your gear bag so that you can travel and carry with ease.

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