What we think

Everyone knows how important a proper recovery is after a strength workout and hence why Momentous has this game changing formulation in their arsenal.  The ArcFire formula is a different ratio formulation than some of their other proteins to enable high performance and rapid absorption.  The two ratios it includes is the 10 mg ProHydrolase to 1 g protein ratio which is ideal for protein digestion. On top of that there’s the 4:3 protein to carb ratio that gives your body the carbs you thirst for after a workout and help with that energy drain you feel after the hard effort.  So does it work?  We have one word...  ABSOLUTELY!

Feed's Fave: Piedmont Chocolate - But we love chocolate so that's not fair.  Both flavors are ridiculously good.

How We Use It

We like this product for post workout recovery! Our muscles crave Momentous once we have finished some of our harder sessions. Due to it's delicious and rich taste, this protein powder can simply be added to water for quick, naturally sourced protein. We also like adding this Grass Fed Whey Protein to smoothies to give them an extra protein boost! 


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