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What we think

Trailnuggets Pro are the cousin/brother/sister of the ever popular Trailnuggets with a Protein Punch!  Don't know the Trailnugget story?  Well let's catch you up.

One of Rodeo Lab’s founders, Stephen Fitzgerald, has a family connection with a bakery in the Pacific Northwest. Bake Works is run by his dad and his brother and has been a family business for almost 20 years. When we say bakery, we mean a fully modern food creation facility that serves healthy (and guilty pleasure) products to millions of people around the USA every year. They had previously asked to sponsor a team, but didn’t have any products that fit well with sports nutrition. Enter Rodeo Labs.

Rodeo Labs decided to collaborate with them to dream up a bar of their own the way they wanted it done: Simple, all natural, and delicious. The result was the Rodeo Trail Nugget! Date-based with delicious mix ins like almonds, beets, lemon oil or peanut butter, these bars are all natural and totally delicious. The flavor is so light and pure, and the texture is soft enough to be eaten and digested easily.

Do we have your attention on these bars just yet?  Well you should consider these bad boys as they are packed with plant based protein and taste amazing as well!

Feed's Fave: Orange Cranberry Beet

How We Use It

We use these as a great mid ride snack.  Great tasting and they fill that void you feel when you have left everything on the trail!

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