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These easy to swallow capsules are great for getting electrolytes, especially if you aren't a fan of sports drinks. With sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, these capsule perfectly match the electrolyte composition of sweat. They also contain a small amount of Vitamin D, to help you further absorb the calcium and replace what you lose when you sweat. Their composition makes SaltStick Caps a great option for more completely replenishing your body and preventing cramps and heat stress during exercise.
These capsules are made using plant-based ingredients and are free from traces of soy or nuts, artificial sweeteners, and high fructose corn syrup. They are convenient for meeting your hydration needs during exercise, travel, when sick, or anytime on-the-go. Free from banned substances and backed by science, these SaltStick Caps are a top choice among many elite athletes. 

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How We Use It

Take one capsule every 30-60 minutes with plenty of water as needed during exercise, for up to ten or 15 capsules daily. You can use these to increase your electrolyte intake in addition to your favorite sports drink, or in place of a sports drink all together. The key is to take in plenty of fluids for optimal hydration and cramp prevention.  If so desired, capsule contents may be fully dissolved in liquid to create a custom caffeinated electrolyte package! 

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