SWORD Endurance Drink Mix

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This ground-breaking endurance drink mix simplifies your exercise hydration and fuel into one, easy to use product. SWORD provides both a blend of time-release carbohydrate fuel for sustained energy and greatly improves your hydration using an industry-first sodium electrolyte-only combination.

Utilizing 6 simple and naturally sourced ingredients, SWORD ensures ultra smooth gut absorption and real fruit flavor profiles that are light designed specifically for the working athlete's taste buds no matter how many miles in.

Feed's Favorite: Berry 


This unique hydration system focuses on simple ingredients to provide optimal hydration. SWORD Endurance Drink Mix is a staple pre-workout energizer that allows for minimal stomach discomfort, keeping you going longer and stronger! Add the SWORD mix to your water 15-20 minutes prior to intense exercise and you will feel amazing! 

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