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What we think

Ucan, or Generation Ucan SuperStarch Drink Mix Single is a revolutionary hydration product with complex carbohydrates that is derived from non-GMO corn. Ucan is unique in sports nutrition because there's nothing else like it. When we say "revolutionary" it's not the marketing team trying to get your attention, it's something that we believe could entirely change how you think about sports hydration and fueling.

What's unique about Ucan's SuperStarch formulation is that it stabilizes blood sugar and causes virtually no reaction from the fat-storage hormone insulin. If this sounds too good to be true, it's not. Ucan was originally developed by founder's David and Wendy to find a solution for their son Jonah's rare condition, glycogen storage disease (GSD). What Jonah needed was a product that would balance his blood sugar for long periods between meals. The result was Ucan. Ucan SuperStarch Drink Mix is a carb without the crash, has no insulin spike, and allows for more efficient fat burning during exercise.

We've been testing Ucan for months now, and we're impressed. The flavors are subtle and not too sweet. The texture is different than other products, and we recommend that you mix Ucan thoroughly to ensure that it dissolves completely.

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How We Use It

15 before exercise or 20-30 ounces per hour during exercise. We've also had some success with the plain flavor post exercise, but only use it for recovery on rare occasions when we want pure carbohydrate (immediately post race or extreme workouts).

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