VitalFit Red Root



What we think

VitalFit created their products with a natural, plant-based approach in mind. VitalFit RedRoot is a plant-based pre-workout made from red violet beets and red raw spinach. All of the energy of pre-workout without the questionable ingredients that cause jitters, tingles, or crashes. The red pigment found in these simple ingredients contain natural nitrates that help boost your body’s ability to carry oxygen to working muscles.

 This is a great natural pre-workout supplement that doesn’t include stimulants, sweeteners, or artificial flavors and is gluten, grain, wheat, and dairy free. It delivers stamina-boosting nutrients that keep your muscles feeling fresh and can propel you through that long run, ride, or day of trying to keep up with your kids. Not to mention, dietary nitrates can help improve the function of your blood vessels which can boost cardio endurance, increase energy, enhance athletic performance, and protect your heart.

How We Use It

Mix one loosely packed tablespoon in cold water and drink 30 minutes before working out. Don’t love the taste? Try adding some fresh lemon juice!


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