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Yumbutter is just that.  Yum!  We are always on the look out for tasty treats and snacks to have with us in our pantry or in our gear bag.  Enter Yumbutter!  After all these Nut Butters are changing the world one pouch at a time.

"We churn mouth rocking world changing nut butters in small batches that help fuel your dream and everyday adventure. We use only the highest quality organic nuts, seeds, and superfoods in our potions. Our revolutionary GO ANYWHERE, resealable pouches are the ideal grab and go food for work, the gym, or trial. On top of that, we have a World Changing Mission. When you buy Yumbutter, you feed a child in need through our Buy One | Feed One business Model. We are also show our dedication to mother earth through our certified B-Corporation.”  Talk about a great cause and a great product!

Matt and Adrian’s (Founders of Yumbutter) individual journeys have uniquely inspired them to where Yumbutter is today and where it will go as it continues to reshape the nut butter industry. After meeting and bonding over nut butters, wholesome food, and world-changing business ideas, they set out to achieve their dreams of running the world’s most responsible food company.  Well let's just say they have definitely changed our opinion of the nut butter category!

How we use it:

We like to snag a few of these as an after workout protein snack or treat. Sometimes when we get hungry around the office we take one of these with some coffee or on rice cakes and feel satisfied for hours.  Which flavor you ask?  They are all to good to pick just one!  Buy one of each!


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